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Omron HEM-711DLX Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-711DLX Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

omron hem-711dlx

Omron hem-711dlx blood pressure monitor comes with the patented comfit cuff and intellisense technology. It automatically monitors the heart rate and takes care of inflating the cuff to the ideal level without any manual setting required by the user. Then the cuff is gradually deflated automatically to determine the complete BP reading which is shown on the digital display screen of the monitor. Omron hem-711 dlx can also detect hypertension.  Omron hem-711dlx is clinically validated by the AAMI for accuracy.

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Model Features & Details of Omron hem-711dlx Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


Omron hem-711dlx automatic blood pressure monitor comes with four alkaline batteries. The battery life is approximately 1500 uses when the monitor is used once in a day for around 2 mins.

When the battery becomes dead, the low-battery indicator appears on the monitor display. Now, you have to switch off the Omron hem-711 dlx blood pressure monitor and remove the batteries. Then, insert 4 new alkaline batteries.

To install the batteries, press the ▼ button thats on the battery. Slide the cover off in the arrow’s direction. Then insert four “AA” size alkaline batteries. Make sure that the polarities match. Then replace the cover of the battery of omron hem-711dlx.

Warranty Period of omron hem-711dlx

Omron hem-711dlx blood pressure monitor comes with a warranty period of five years from the date of purchase. However, the arm cuff is excluded from the 5-year warranty. The arm cuff of Omron hem-711dlx has a warranty period of one year. Omron will replace or repair your BP monitor and arm cuff covered by the above warranties without charging you.

Memory Capacity of Omron hem-711dlx

Omron hem-711dlx can store upto 60 readings of BP and pulse rate. When the limit of 60 readings is reached and if you take more readings, the older records are deleted to accommodate recent readings. Every time a BP measurement is taken, the monitor stores the corresponding readings in the memory.

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Irregular Heartbeat detector

Omron hem-711dlx has a built-in irregular heartbeat detector. When the blood pressure monitor detects an irregular pattern of heart beats 2 or more times during the BP measurement, an alert will appear on the monitor screen notifying you of irregular heartbeat. Heartbeat can be called irregular if it is either 25 percent slower or faster than the average.

Comfit Arm Cuff

Omron hem-711dlx comes with the Omron-patented comfit cuff. The comfit cuff is pre-formed to conveniently fit regular-sized as well as large-sized arms. Comfit Cuff can fit arm sizes ranging from 9 in. to 17 in.

To apply the comfit cuff of Omron hem-711dlx onto your left arm, first insert the air plug into the main unit securely. Make sure you don’t have any tight clothing on your arm. The cuff should be on the same level as your heart. Using your right hand, hold the grip on the cuff gently but firmly. The palm of your left hand must be facing upwards. The cuff should be applied to the upper part of your left arm in such a way that the blue strip is on the inside of your left arm. The air tube should be running down the inside of your left arm. The bottom of the cuff should be around 0.5 inches above your elbow. Repeat the same for your right arm.

Digital Display of omron hem-711dlx

The display of the Omron hem-711dlx shows the systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse reading, irregular heartbeat alert, indicator for low battery, date and time stamp and other important symbols.

AC Adapter

Omron hem-711dlx comes with Omron authorized AC adapter HEM-ADPT1.  It is recommended by the manufacturers that you install the monitor batteries even when you use the AC adapter.

To connect the adapter to the Omron hem-711dlx blood pressure monitor, insert the plug of the adapter jack on the BP monitor’s backside. Then you simply need to plug the adapter into an AC outlet.

Weight of the Omron hem-711dlx Blood Pressure monitor

Omron hem-711dlx weighs around 355g. The weight does not include the weight of the batteries.

Dimensions of Omron hem-711dlx

Omron hem-711dlx is around 155 mm long, 131 mm wide and 84 mm in height.

Where to buy your omron hem-711dlx blood pressure monitor?

Amazon sells this omron blood pressure monitor model hem-711 for the best price.

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