Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Comfit Cuff Review

omron hem-780

Omron hem-780 automatic blood pressure monitor with comfit cuff and intellisense technology is known to be one of the best digital blood pressure monitors available and is very easy to use. It is also regarded as the most accurate blood pressure monitor. Omron hem-780 is validated clinically with obese people and proven clinically to measure blood pressure readings accurately. Omron hem-780 comes with a 5-year warranty. Omron hem-780 features an irregular heartbeat detector, hypertension detector, advanced averaging mode, two-user mode and a guest mode.

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Model Features & Details of Omron hem-780 digital blood pressure monitor


Omron hem-780 automatic digital blood pressure monitor uses the special intellisense technology. The intellisense makes sure that the measurement of your blood pressure is accurate and individually adapted. The blood pressure readings taken from omron hem-780 with intellisense are proven clinically. The presence of intellisense makes Omron hem-780 the most accurate digital blood pressure monitor. The intellisense technology makes it very convenient for patients with arrhythmia or any other heart diseases. They never have to manually adjust the inflation level. The intellisense monitor takes care of inflating the cuff to the correct level.

The intellisense technology in Omron hem-780 offers personalized inflation with each use through different optional technologies and thus makes things very comfortable and convenient for you by keeping things automatic. This omron automatic blood pressure monitor with intellisense uses fuzzy logic to determine the amount of pressure needed to measure your BP quickly, accurately and automatically. This omron 780 blood pressure monitor senses your systolic blood pressure, adjusting the amount of pressure required depending on the size of your arm and BP fluctuations. Once the systolic blood pressure is measured, the ideal speed of deflation is determined by the Omron hem-780 resulting in much faster BP measurement and also avoiding any sort of pain or discomfort because of over-inflation or due to prolonged deflation.

Omron’s Patented Comfit Cuff

It is a pre-formed cuff in Omron hem-780 that can be expanded to fit regular-sized and large-sized arms quite easily. The comfit cuff fits arm sizes ranging from 9 inches to 17 inches.  The cuff may weigh around 130g approximately. It is around 150mm wide and 582mm long approximately.

It is a must to wrap the cuff around your arm before the BP measurement. You also need to make sure that you don’t wrap the cuff around any other object than your arm to prevent damage of the cuff. You should also not crush or fold the cuff and the air tube that comes along with it. The cuff should not be inflated when it is not on your arm. You have to make sure that the cuff fits closely to your arm. The cuff should be at the height of the heart during the blood pressure measurement. Incorrect fastening of the cuff may result in wrong BP readings. Under any circumstance, the cuff must not be removed during inflation. You can use a soft, moistened cloth to clean the cuff. NEVER wash the cuff.

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Storage Case for Omron hem-780

This Omron digital blood pressure monitor with intellisense comes with a storage/carrying hard case. After the blood pressure measurement, fold the air tube slightly and insert in cuff. Never disconnect the air tube from the cuff. Then put the cuff and the Omron blood pressure monitor hem-780 into the storage case. It is better to take out the batteries from the blood pressure monitor if you know that you are not going to use for three months or more. Omron hem-780 automatic blood pressure monitor must always be stored in a dry and closed place. The storage temperature can be anywhere between -20 degree celsius and 60 degree celsius.

Warranty for Omron hem-780

The warranty period is 5 years for this omron hem-780 automatic blood pressure monitor with comfit cuff.


Omron hem-780 blood pressure monitor comes with a large three-fold digital display to show systolic, diastolic and pulse pressure separately.

Memory Capacity of Omron Hem-780

Omron hem-780 comes with a 90-memory recall along with time and date stamp.

Hypertension Indicator

Omron hem-780 has a hypertension indicator for detecting different types of hypertension such as morning hypertension(BP reading can be high in the mornings), masked hypertension( where the BP reading is low or normal in the clinic but high when you check it at home), white-coat hypertension (where the BP reading shows high in the clinic but normal at home) etc.

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